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Total Records  : 141619
Unique email  : 141619
Unique contact names : 133907
Unique phone numbers : 141617
Unique fax numbers :  124182

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141619 Realtors in California


Are you looking for real estate agent California? Are you a real estate agent who wants to expand your connection with fellow professionals in this field? Are you an investor who wishes to have a list of licensed real estate agents in California? Or are you a home owner who needs the expertise of eligible real estate agents to help you look for the best property in the area?

Whatever type of client you are, List of Companies in USA can help you. This company offers a comprehensive list of real estate agents in California to help you in your real estate endeavors.

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  • Agency Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIPCode
  • County
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Website
  • Timezone
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • ZIPType
  • CityType
  • CountyFIPS
  • StateFIPS
  • UTC



California state database is similar as bellow screenshot and sample


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For real estate agents

Email marketing for real estate agents is made easier with this list. This list contains all the reliable and reputable agents in different areas of California. This list can help you establish your connection with your fellow specialists in the real estate industry. You can use this as your tool for communication.

Stay in the loop and keep track of established and emerging realtors in your area.  You can use this California real estate agents list to observe and analyze the growth of realtors in the area. You can reach out to California home realtors for legitimate business concerns.


For investors

The best way to contact Los Angeles, CA real estate agents is with this email list.  Having this list in your hands can give you the best opportunity for business expansion. This list also allows you to get in touch with Southern California realtors within minutes. Talk with the agents in the comfort of your office and establish business connection with ease.

This list contains all the names, phone numbers, and email address of California home realtors. You can choose whatever mode of communication you want for your transactions. You can market your products or offer your services for professionals of this field. You can use this California real estate agents directory to generate new leads for your business. You can receive the latest information on available properties on Los Angeles and different cities of California.


For home owners

This list of realtors in California is the best way to find the appropriate real estate agents for your needs. It offers a complete and extensive list of agents that you can directly contact and hire. You can choose from a wide range of Southern California real estate agents or Los Angeles real estate agents and you can decide which one is the best for you.

This list can allow you to establish fast transactions with minimal delays. It contains the address of real estate agents in your area so you can choose which one is nearest to your location.


This California real estate agent email list contains relevant contact information of reliable professionals in this field. It contains the latest and verified data to aid you in your real estate needs. You can enjoy all the contact information from this directory right after purchase.

You can look through the list in excel or csv file anytime you want. You can use this list of real estate agents in Los Angeles, California as often as possible without worrying about extra fees.  This California real estate agents directory offers premium contact information for an affordable price.