2019 Realtors Email | Real Estate Agents list – 1.48 Million Records – 179 USD


Number of Realtors : 1,483,386
Number of Email Addresses : 1,483,386
Office Address : 1,340,598
Office Phone : 1,416,048
Office Fax : 746,804
Cell Phone : 349,447
License Type : 110,3563
Number of States : All USA 51 states included
Last Updated : August 6, 2019


Company Databas

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1.48 Million Records of Real Estate Mailing Lists | List Of Real Estate companies

In this modern age, the use of technology for marketing and advertising campaigns has become mainstream methods for businesses including real estate. One method that works great for the real estate market is email marketing because of its effective targeting scheme.

To get started with email marketing that is targeted at real estate agents, you need to obtain a list of real estate companiesand real estate agent email address. This email list should be a comprehensive record of the name of companies and realtors, email addresses, contact numbers, website address, and other contact details.

List Of Realtors Data Fields :

  • Full Name of Realtor
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Suffix
  • Office Name
  • Office Address1
  • Office Address2
  • Office City
  • Office State
  • Office Zip
  • Office County
  • Office Phone
  • Office Fax
  • Cell Phone
  • License Type
  • License Number
  • Home Address1
  • Home Address2
  • Home City
  • Home State
  • Home Zip
  • Home County
  • Association

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We are primary providers of the realtor database as we provide verified email lists,postal address, names of the top management of the realtor database, phone numbers in a very affordable price. We provide targeted database details that can help you to obtain suitable B2B sales leads.  Our business database is highest quality and up to date because we get the listings on the similar sources like LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, b2b portals, OPT-IN sites, and several other online business directories.We are are updating our database regularly per two month.You can get entire 1.483 Million us realtor list from our website.

You can obtain this kind of listing either by employing a team of professionals that will develop your real estate mailing lists by harvesting data using specialized tools, or by simply purchasing an already built real estate leads list from trusted providers of realtor mailing lists like ListofcompaniesinUSA.com. Choosing to go with the latter would be the most cost-efficient option because of several reasons:

Save Money

Because you don’t need to hire more people just to create your email list or database, you get to save money. You no longer need to spend on additional salaries, dedicated computer facilities, and additional power or energy costs which the whole operation would require.

Save Time

When you choose to hire people to develop your own real estate agent lists, it could take your team several weeks or months or even a year to create a complete and comprehensive list of real estate agents or real estate companies in USA. By choosing to purchase an email list, you can get instant and unlimited access to your database right after downloading the file for a few minutes—no need to wait for a long time.

Gain access to local and nationwide listings

By purchasing and downloading a realtor data base from uscompanyleads.com, you get to contact real estate agent emails and phone numbers from our nationwide and local realtors list. All contacts in our lists are obtained from all states of the USA and can be easily filtered to narrow or widen your leads targeting.

Unlimited usage of purchased database

Once purchased, you gain full control over your email database. You can use all the available data for different marketing campaigns, not just for email marketing but also for telemarketing, B2B networking and market research.

uscompanyleads.com is a team of experts and professionals who specialize in database development and management, so you are guaranteed that our real estate companies list, real estate agents list and real estate broker list are accurate and up-to-date. By opting to buy our lists, you get access to the following features:

Premium Full Contacts

 We provide you with full details of contact information for different fields like contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, company names, company addresses, web addresses, business industry, state or country, number of employees, and many more.

Affordable Pricing 

We provide you with high-quality lists at lower prices starting at 249USD—the cheapest price available online.

Instant Download 

We provide you with a download link right after purchasing so you can instantly download the database for real estate agents and realtor emails. You can download the file in either excel or csv format.

Target Audience

We compile, verify, and format our mailing lists for realtors to be easy to use for targeted lead generation. This way, you can screen the contacts in the list conveniently for different purposes.e.

Up-to-date Lists 

We update our listings with fresh content by continually researching for new information and detecting changes in the existing information in our lists. We apply those updates every two months to maintain the accuracy and reliability of our real estate agent list.

In addition to these features, we also encourage our customers to download first our real estate agent email list free sample so they can try out our product before deciding to buy. Our real estate agents email list free sample can be readily downloaded for free and is taken directly from the actual listings. That is how we guarantee our customers that we are one of the best in the market, and that we are confident in the quality of our listings.

More than just a simple listing of real estate email addresses, our database features the following important qualities:


Our listings are formatted for maximum efficiency.You can easily access necessary data without going through pages of irrelevant content, and you can readily filter the data to create more specific lists via MS Excel. You can filter a list of real estate companies only, a list of real estate agents only, or a list of both and more with excel filtering option. You can filter the list alphabetically by real estate company, real estate agent, email address, company address, or state and locality.


We always verify the data included in our listings to ensure that the contact information provided are accurate and functional. We confirm our list of realtors by placing calls and sending out emails to test if the information provided are functional and that they match the right companies or agents. You can test the accuracy of our realtor email address list by trying out our sample and contacting the names listed in it to personally confirm the contact information provided.


We list real estate companies and agents with their full contact information. Aside from realtor email addresses and real estate agents’ phone numbers, we also include other contact fields like company addresses, web addresses, social media accounts, and other fields that will be useful for different data manipulation and filtering.

Real estate is a competitive market where real estate agents and companies must learn to employ different marketing strategies to help them gain customers constantly. By using a comprehensive email list for your email and web marketing strategies, you can maximize your business’ earning potential, widen your network, and improve customer loyalty.