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Country: UAE
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Updated: 2019


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The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries with the largest economies. Since its independence in 1971, the country is now home to thousands of establishments, making it an economic powerhouse. To take advantage of this booming economy, the first step is to get in touch with companies in the UAE – and listofcompaniesinusa.com’s UAE companies list will help you do just that.

A UAE company list is likened to a UAE business directory, which is a comprehensive list of companies, accompanied by their corresponding contact details. With these details, you can reach out to the company in the most convenient way possible. Thus, it is easy to see why having a company list can help businesses prosper in marketing and advertising their products and services.

A common concern for marketers is that a middleman – a clerk or a secretary – is always there to answer the phone or receive the mail. And in these cases, more often than not, the message never gets delivered to the person at the top of the corporate ladder.

With this in mind, we aim to provide you with a list of companies in UAE with contact details of their respective Chief Operating Officers, executives, and other high-ranking officials. Aside from a list of companies in UAE with email address, we also provide details like phone number, and their respective contact names. Thus, our list of companies in UAE will help you get in touch with potential business partners in a professional way.


Database Fields :-

  1. Industry
  2. Company Name
  3. Full Name
  4. Job  Title
  5. Email Address
  6. Website
  7. City
  8. Country







UAE Email List


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Why you should buy UAE Business Database of our company Over Other Providers?


We are primary providers of the UAE Business Database as we provide verified email lists,postal address, names of the top management of the UAE Companies, phone numbers in a very affordable price. We provide targeted database details that can help you to obtain suitable B2B sales leads.  Our business database is highest quality and up to date because we get the listings on the similar sources like LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, b2b portals, OPT-IN sites, and several other online business directories.We are are updating our database regularly per two month.You can get entire 220,000 Records of  UAE company list from our website.

Email Addresses

Although traditional ways of getting in touch with a company are still widely used, calling or sending business mails tend to take too much of a person’s time – not to mention, expensive. Because of this, marketers have resorted to the more cost-effective and time-efficient email marketing strategy. To back this up, research reveals that email marketing can generate up to 91% of sales within its first few days of reaching out.

With listofcompaniesinusa.com’s UAE email list, you gain access to updated information of all companies in UAE with email addresses. Additionally, we always verify the information of every UAE business to maintain data accuray. Thus, our email lists make great investments which guarantee marketing success.


File Type

We understand that our customers would like to have a list of their UAE list of companies in different formats. Different file types have their own unique characteristics which make the job more convenient for its users. With customer convenience and satisfaction in mind, List Of Companies In USA provides a list of companies in UAE with email address pdf or a list of companies in uae with email address xls.

With this option, our clients are relieved of the hassles of having to convert the document from one file type to another, thus allowing them to immediately proceed with marketing their business.

B2B Database

Aside from providing our clients with options as to which file type they want, we also provide them with access to our B2B database. Through this service, clients get access to our online UAE email database which is accessible 24/7.

With the email database UAE from List Of Companies In USA, you gain access to our exclusive UAE directory with contact name & email regardless of where you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet. Through this online portal, you are able to select who your target clients will be, thereby effectively increasing the earning potential of your business.


List Of Companies In USA recognizes the fact that your target audience might only be limited to a specific set of clientele, so an extensive UAE companies email addresses list encompassing all industries may not be practical.

One notable feature of our email lists is that you have the choice limit your list to a certain industry only. For example, UAE is known for building state-of-the-art skyscrapers, so you can opt to have a list of contracting companies in UAE only. Of course, UAE is not limited to contracting companies. You can also opt to have a UAE security company list or from any other industry you can possibly think of.

Lead Generation

In marketing parlance, a sales lead refers to a potential consumer, and is often created when a person shows interest in the business in general. Lead generation is a result of various sales and marketing efforts, but email marketing delivers the best results. This is especially true in a digitally-connected country like the UAE. Thus, an email address list of companies in UAE is guaranteed to generate UAE leads.

Fortunately, gaining leads in UAE is not a problem because of the country’s economic diversity. Regardless of the nature of your business, or the industry of your target audience, you are sure to find success.


Obtaining a company list in UAE is a cost-effective investment to improve your email marketing strategy. It works by providing you with a complete UAE companies list with email addresses and other pertinent details. With these details, you can expand your business by attracting potential consumers or likely business partners who are willing to invest on your services.

Of course, the use of this list of email addresses of companies in UAE is not limited for business purposes only. The data on these lists may also be used for conducting marketing research and other similar work. Thus, an email list is a guaranteed means to ensure success, regardless of its purpose.

List Of Companies In USA is the primary source for verified email lists. We take pride in providing our clients with complete, detailed, and accurate lists to ensure their success. We also offer our clients with a list of companies from countries outside the United States. In fact, we also have an extensive UAE companies database for their benefit.

Our UAE business database is easily accessible via the internet, and contains email addresses, phone numbers, contact names, and other pertinent information. But aside from an online database, we also provide an offline list of companies in UAE with email address pdf or xls – whichever format is preferred by our clients.