Privacy Policy

Information Collection

Client information is collected during the time of interaction and updating. The information is not deleted, but stored permanently in our database so that the same may be used for future reference reading our services.

Privacy policy

We respect the privacy of our clients. All information, including those acquired during payments, subscriptions and sample download is highly protected. never sells this information at any cost.

Marketing Purpose

We use the contact information stored in our database to notify the clients regarding any future offers. We continually update our database with the aim of expanding our services by sending out notifications about offers and discounts to our subscribers and clients. Therefore, the client information is used exclusively for the promotion of our own business and will never be misused in any manner.

Requests for unsubscribing or deleting the client information

The financial information and other additional information collected at the time of subscription are used only for identifying the number of services we can offer to the respective clients. Our clients are given the full right to make a request for information deletion. When the request has been confirmed, the entire information from the database is deleted.


It should be noted that if you opt for information deletion, you will not be notified about the special offers we give from time to time. Also, we will not be able to send you any promotional newsletter. Our clients should feel free to contact us in case of any concern or privacy issues.