2019 Updated 1.483 Million List of Realtors | Real Estate Agent Email List | Realtor Email List in USA – 179 USD

If you are doing business with realtors, whether it is for a single real estate deal or a big transaction, it pays to have a realtor database at your disposal. Wherever you are in the United States and who you wish to transact business with, our list of realtor companies will help you to get started.

Here at List of Companies USA, we offer you thousands of professional and credible realtors that you can communicate with. Getting your hands in our realtor databases will give you personal contact information of real estate agents with ease.

2019 List Of Realtors Data Fields  :


  • Full Name of Realtor
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Suffix
  • Office Name
  • Office Address1
  • Office Address2
  • Office City
  • Office State
  • Office Zip
  • Office County
  • Office Phone
  • Office Fax
  • Cell Phone
  • License Type
  • License Number
  • Home Address1
  • Home Address2
  • Home City
  • Home State
  • Home Zip
  • Home County
  • Association



Number of Realtors : 1,483,386
Number of Email Addresses : 1,483,386
Office Address : 1,340,598
Office Phone : 1,416,048
Office Fax : 746,804
Cell Phone : 349,447
License Type : 110,3563
Number of States : All USA 51 states included
Last Updated : August 6, 2019




Database is similar as bellow screenshot and sample  
Real Estate Agents-Realtor Email List

Building business relations through email

In today’s business world, starting and closing a business deal can be done anywhere in a few clicks of a button. Email marketing has become widely used because of its convenience and its wide reach for a small amount of time.

However, to be successful in email marketing, you need a reliable realtor email list that will provide you with up-to-date email addresses of accredited real estate agents. Here, we guarantee to provide you email information that 100 percent works all the time.

Our real estate agent email list contains email addresses of real persons that will point you directly to the actual person. This means that you can be assured of a high response rate unlike other real estate agent email addresses that will lead you to a sales team or a customer service representative.

No matter what your transaction is, you can ensure getting better results in the long run. Even when you are sitting inside your home or a thousand miles away from the realtors in the list, there is a high delivery and more importantly, high response rate using our realtor mailing list.


Provide More than email addresses

Our real estate agent email database provides you a lot of other information other than the email addresses.  Though if you email real estate agents, you can do business conveniently, getting other means to contact these professionals will help expand your potentials of closing a deal with them.

Our list of realtors contain information such as name of the real estate agent, name of the company, complete mailing address, telephone number and website, among others.

These kinds of information are essential if you are serious about your real estate business. You can easily contact the company through phone, send a business proposal through snail mail or even visit the company personally. These types of business transactions work best if you want to transact in a more personal manner with your potential business partners.

The website information can also help you do research about the list of real estate agencies prior to doing business with them. You can check the company profile, customer reviews, business reach and other details that will help you decide whether or not they are worth your time.


Getting personal with your business deals

Whether you are sending an email or choosing to transact with the realtor personally, getting a realtor e mail list that have the full name, position and company name of the real estate agent can bring you success.

You can personally address them and even tailor your business communications depending on their title or position. This works better than sending a generic email address or business communication to all real estate agent emails you can find.


Database for your convenience

You’ll never get lost with our real estate agent database as the realtor list can be filtered by city or by state. This way, you can easily find local realtor agents depending on where you want to do business. The physical addresses of the real estate agents in our realtors list are guaranteed to be correct and can be located physically.


A comprehensive list for your business

Here at USCOMPANYLEADS’s, we guarantee that our real estate broker database is one of the most comprehensive real estate databases you can find in the market. Our realtors email address list contains information only of trusted and professional agents. Hence, you can be sure that every name in the list is a potential business partner.

We compile our real estate agent list from only the best sources including Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, B2B portals and other online business directories. Through regularly updating our database, we make every realtors email address in our database fresh and reliable.


Access all these information easily

Our realtor email lists offer convenience as it can easily be downloaded in an Excel or CSV file format. Navigating through the comprehensive realtors’ mailing list is very simple and does not require any technical person. Even those who are new to computers can easily navigate through our realtors’ email list.

Further, even with the thousands of entries in the real estate email list, finding information can be done easily through the sort and filter options in Excel.


One-time payment guaranteed

Our email list of real estate agents comes at a very competitive price. With the thousands of emails you’ll get from these realtor lists, you’ll only pay a one-time affordable fee.

Once your payment is complete, you can easily download the real estate agent contact list online. You never have to wait for any package in the mail because all of our realtors’ lists can be downloaded through a safe and secure link.

When you have downloaded the real estate email list, you can practically use the database right away. The real estate agents email database becomes your property so you can use it freely and access all the information any time with no usage limits and with no additional charges. Also, we provide realtor email lists free updates even after your purchase!

Whatever your business plans are when transacting with realtors, we ensure that our databases that list brokers real estate agents all over the United Sates will come in handy. Invest on this affordable, credible and up-to-date realtors email database and begin your way towards building networks with professional real estate agents and later towards closing good real estate deals with them and their real estate companies.