Terms & Conditions

It should be noted that the intellectual property rights, as well as the without limitation, copyright, belong to the uscompanyleads.com . We are also in strong opposition of spams. So when a Licensee or a Nominated Third party makes a purchase from us, they should comply with the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003. We give authorization to our clients (Licensee and Nominated Third Party) to use the information from uscompanyleads.com exclusively for academic purposes, research and direct marketing. The data should not be copied, transferred to any third party who does not hold a nomination. This applies to any company, business, without limitation or entities that have an affiliation with the Licensee or Nominated Third Party. The information can only be used if there has been an agreement in writing with a uscompanyleads.com regarding the same.


When you make a purchase from us, you will be required to make an assertion that the information used from the database will be entirely at your own risk. If you are going to be using the information from uscompanyleads.com , you must indemnify and approve the statement that uscompanyleads.com will not be held responsible in any way for the consequences of your actions. If you happen to land up in any legal trouble owing to the usage of the data, uscompanyleads.com will not be held accountable in any way.


We specialize in downloadable products which are sent to you directly through emails. So when you download a product, you will have access to the entire product. Therefore, we do not offer any refund after a download has been made.

Data Quality

We are always trying to offer high-quality data to our clients. However, we do not guarantee any sales if you are going to be using the emails for direct marketing. Nevertheless, the emails we provide can act as great leads. The number of conversions you make will be entirely depending on the how you handle your marketing campaign. We also cannot ensure the validity of all the email addresses included in the listing. Even if you exclude the invalid emails, the number of emails is still large for a sum as small for very small investments .

Note :

These databases is for your personal and business use only.It is not allowed to be resold or given away in any form.

Not all records will include all data fields (some businesses do not have websites,phones, faxes, etc.).We have updated database in 2019 .We Update database twice a month But Some fields may contain erroneous data such as bad emails or phone numbers due to getting old .This is beyond our control.

There are more than 1 contacts or more per a company .Because We have included as much as possible contacts within a company Therefore Duplicate phone numbers and companies can be appeared .This database is most suitable for email marketing purpose ,Telemarketing & Mailing .

These records were created by the business owners and we do not edit But We verify them.Data will be delivered via download link immediately after your PayPal or bitcoin payment .

Vital Note

It is obvious that we are selling you the databases at a very small price. Therefore, it is a request from our side that you go for the list cleaning yourself. We only clean our data twice a month. Therefore, we will not be responsible if you get bounce rates with the email marketing campaign. We also advise you not to use MailChimp and other similar platforms for the marketing campaign. These platforms only received opted emails. Letting a professional email marketer handles your campaign can give you higher conversion rates.

Database Delivery

When your payment gets approved, and you will be sent an email containing the download link to the required database. The delivery is made within 10 hours .